Youth take advantage to work with experienced Business Coaches. Participants are assigned a Business Coach, who will

1) support them to identify their strengths and attributes

2) evaluate their issues

3) make referrals to appropriate resources

4) provide guidance, and

5) act as a resource person

Business Coaches support and monitor participants’ progress and motivates them to complete activities to widen their knowledge, expand their social and business connections, and learn from communication and interaction with successful entrepreneurs.


Mentoring is an on-going supplementary mechanism to support participants who require industry-specific guidance beyond business coaching, workshops, and other program activities. Priority for business mentoring is provided to participants who have a solid business concept and are close to completing their business plan.

Business Workshops

Workshops enhance participants’ business skills and knowledge to support them to gain self-employment and/or operate a business. Each workshop emphasizes a practical approach to ensure participants are able to apply the knowledge and skills gained. Participants are required to attend the Business Plan Writing Workshop.

Business Pitch

Expert facilitators and business coaches in SET program will assist and empower young entrepreneurs in the program to prepare their business pitches. This process will equip entrepreneurs with the ability to showcase their ventures effectively to create a high level of appeal. Upon completion of business pitch preparation, they will present their uniquely crafted pitch in front of panel judges and receive a certificate on their graduation day.


Networking session focuses on a theme and features a guest speaker such as an industry/trade specialist or a business owner/self-employed individual. Participants develop new business connections and gain knowledge from the guest speaker.

Business Shadowing

Business shadowing support from SET program facilitates young entrepreneurs to gain industry experience and knowledge for their own ventures. By accessing the business shadowing through volunteering and coop opportunities in the similar industry environment, SET participants will understand the business operation, management, technicalities, pitfalls, and opportunities in real life.

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